What is the difference between the Free Trial and other memberships?

The Free Trial gives you a taste of what the real deal would be like but with limited access. You can still create your own programs, meal plans, educate yourself and track your progress but you cannot access all exercises, recipes, educate videos, join the challenges and chat to Brock.

Do I need to have a gym membership?

A gym membership isn’t essential to become a member of Team Brock Ashby. There is a wide range of body weight exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your own home or when travelling. Though a TRX, dumbbells and a bench would help a lot as it can provide you with more variety.

Is everything personalised and customised to me?

On the premium membership your program and meal plans are tailored to your body, lifestyle, limitations, training history and goals. Plus, you get continuous chat support with the team.

Are there meal plans in Team Brock Ashby?

You are able to create your own meal plans with the meal planner. There is a wide range of smoothies, lunches, dinners and snacks to choose from with their calories and macros displayed, so that the meal plan is customised to your goal.

Is Team Brock Ashby vegan friendly?

There’s tons of vegan recipes that you can select from and add to your meal plan or if you’re on the premium membership, your vegan diet will be taken into consideration.

How do I enter the Team Brock Ashby Challenges?

You must be on the premium membership to enter.